New music: JoJo - Forever in my life

New music: JoJo - Forever in my life
JoJo's third album releasing is looking as likely as Michelle Williams going platinum: it ain't gonna happen. But new music from JoJo is abound. "Forever in my life" didn't hit me straight away. But after repeated listens, I'm all for it. This would make a really nice lead single.

Listen: Forever in my life

All I want is everything
© 2009 Blackground records, a Universal music company

I sure hope that if JoJo's album doesn't release, that it at least leaks so that it doesn't go to complete waste. I have JoJo's debut and her follow up, and they both got a lot of air-time from me. I was looking forward to her third album, but the label she's signed to (Blackground) is like career AIDS. It messes your shit up real slowly and then kills it. Blackground messed up Timbaland, killed Magoo's career, has placed Toni Braxton in Limbo and killed Aaliyah. The label is a mess and JoJo will have a hard time getting a release from it. Therefore I wish her all the luck in the world. It'd be a shame for such a talented girl to have her efforts and talents go to waste. She could sing most of the chicks in the game right now under a bus.

Hopefully shit'll work out and her new songs will see the light of day somehow. She's cut tracks with Danja, Ryan Leslie and Chad Hugo to name a few. So I'll be MAD if I don't get to hear this new album.


  1. i really like this and its a shame jojo's going through the same shit joss stone's going through with EMI its been too long since weve had an album from both girs, theyre so tallented :P
    the record companys need to pull their fingers out!


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