New music: Katharine McPhee - Had it all

New music: Katharine McPhee - Had it all
American idolist runner up Katharine McPhee has a new fried out blonde hair do and a more pop-rock orientated sound that I'm sure she's going to say is "More me and reflects who I truly am and where I'm at musically". You know how it goes with these kinda chicks.

Listen: Had it all

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Katharine sounds nice, and so does the song. But it's nothing great. Pick any random white chick in the game, and they've probably done a song like this before or have one out just like it now.

I can't say I'm anticipating Katharine McPhee's new album, unless I hear Danja's involved with her shit again. Because dude gave her some fire for her debut. It's just a shame a couple of the songs didn't really fit her, despite being insanely hot. (I'm looking at YOU "Open toes").


  1. Nothing special about this track. Sounds like country-pop. Is Katharine trying to do every genre under the sun now?


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