New music: Kumi Koda - Alive / Physical thing

New music: Kumi Koda - Alive / Physical thing
Kumi Koda must have a new album on the way. First a triple A-side, now a double A-side. If she releases another multi-side, we'll have heard most of her whole damn album!

Listen: Alive

Listen: Physical thing

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I'm not feeling "Alive". If it's a theme song for a J-drama, a film or in commemoration of somebody who is dead - then fine: it's a nice song. But it's just too dreary and sparse to be a regular Kumi Koda ballad. It's certainly on no level with "You" and "Hands". Kumi's voice sounds nice, but it's definitely no "You" or "Hands".

"Physical thing" on the other hand is hotness. I've don't think I've liked Kumi single this much since she dropped "You". It sounds like a much, MUCH better and tighter version of "But", which sounded like a really bad "SexyBack" knock-off. The synth bass that runs through "Physical thing" just sets it off. Kumi's vocals also sound hot, because she doesn't sound like she's trying hard to be overtly suggestive or sexy - she just sounds it. Plus I liked what sounded like a nod to "I'm a slave 4 U" at one point. The only thing I don't like about this song is the switch at the 2 minute mark. She best shoot a hot video for this. h eneeds to be working one slick weave, some boots with killer heels and be p***y poppin' like her contract with Avex depends on it. I want want her to go ho'd right out and not tame it for one second.


  1. Aw man, I was hoping Koda Kumi's "Alive" would be an mid-beat dance song.

    But "Physical Thing" made up for it. Alive sounds a bit drier than Moon Crying or Ai no Uta. This song sounds better than BUT but not as addicting as TABOO or Last Angel was for me.

    It will grow on me and eventually stick. Is it me or are all Koda Kumi's autumn/winter songs addicting?

    2006 - Cherry Girl
    2007 - Last Angel feat. Tohoshinki
    2008 - TABOO
    2009 - Physical Thing

  2. alive is crap but physical thing is good (not as good as taboo though :P) my copy of her album kingdom has just arrived so im off to listen to it! :D

  3. I didn't like either song at first - but I've have had a re-listen and they've grown on me. Apparently 'Alive' will be a theme for a live action film based upon an anime and 'Physical Thing' is a japanese cover of an English song of the same name (according to the almighty wikipedia)

  4. I forgot to add - apparently Koda Kumi and Lady Gaga appeared in ViVi magazine together recently. Miss Gaga is a fan of J-pop and she expressed interest in collabrating with Koda Kumi in the future. Here's some scans if you're interested:

    Another 'That Ain't Cool' - boring beat and Engrish lyrics? :-)

  5. The PV for Alive


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