New music: Leona Lewis - Don't let me down

New music: Leona Lewis - Don't let me down
Justin continues to do his production and song writing gig by working with X-Factor winner Leona Lewis. This song is circulating as Leona Lewis featuring Justin Timberlake - but the dude don't feature on it enough to get a featuring credit, so I scratched that shit. I will give Justin his shine for the song writing though. Dude has skills and continues to show his talents as a song writer.

Listen: Don't let me down

Leona Lewis' second studio album
© 2009 Arista records, RCA music group / Sony music entertainment

As I listened to this I couldn't help but think other chicks would've sounded nicer on this. The first that came to mind was Crystal Kay, and then Beyoncé, then Brandy, and last but not least Kiley Dean: who was on these hard knocking drums mixed with piano's and guitars shit before it rose to popularity with other bitches like The Forehead and her joint "Rehab".

Many sources are saying that Timbaland is the producer behind "Don't let me down". But with Justin Timberlake and James Fauntleroy on song writing duties and Rob Knox being able to cat Timbaland so damn good: this could just as easily be a song from The Y's. Regardless, the song is boring and needs a bit more of a punch. But with some extra guitars, strings from Larry Gold, more vocal arrangements and some choir input - this could song could be elevated to hotness. Hopefully the song will get re-tweaked, because it does have potential.

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