New music: Madonna - Celebration

New music: Madonna - Celebration
Madonna's got a song out. She's singing (if you can call it that) about having a good time and celebrating. But she sounds like she's having as much fun as a dead dog with a tennis ball.

Listen: Celebration

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I didn't think I'd like this song, but it's pretty hot. As with every song Madonna's done from her Ray of light album onwards, her music is all about the over-production. The songs are good whether Madonna is on them, or you're listening to instrumentals. Her way too controlled and dead pan delivery on "Celebration" provide nothing other than a rhythm to follow as you sing along. 80's Madonna would've killed this song. Current Madonna comes close to killing it dead. Thankfully though, a hot Euphoric beat co-produced by Paul Oakenfold saves it from total death. M-Dolla ain't stupid. She knows how to pick the producers and keep it moving.


  1. the songs ok but it seems like after confessions on a dancefloor became so obsessed with being "with it" that she became to scared to be an innovator anymore, she used to make the sound know shes just annother clone :P


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