New music: Mariah Carey - I wanna know what love is

New music: Mariah Carey - I wanna know what love is
When I'd heard Mariah was going to be covering Foreigner's "I wanna know what love is", I was looking really forward to hearing it. Because not only do I absolutely love the original, but because Mariah does nice covers of songs; and she hadn't graced us with one for 2 albums. I'm wishing the bitch hadn't bothered...

Listen: I wanna know what love is

Memoirs of an imperfect angel
© 2009 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

I'm mad at Miming Mimi for covering this and covering it badly. Trust me when I say that a member of Foreigner is throwing darts at a poster of Mariah right now for f**king up their shit. T-Pain could've sung this with auto-tune over the beat to Ciara's "Go girl" and it would've shitted all over what Mariah put down in the studio for this. It's a shame because the beat is hot and well produced. But Mariah just flatlines the whole thing vocally. Only towards the end when the music builds up and the choir vocals come in does it start to sound half decent. It's a shame Mariah couldn't carry this song on her own up until that point. 'Tis a sad day. First auto tune on "Obsessed" and now this. Whatever home girl had going on vocally for The emancipation of Mimi, it's going now and going FAST. I really hope Memoirs of an imperfect angel hits me with at least 10 that are good. Because I'm worried based on this and "Obsessed". I love "Obsessed", but I don't want an album of it and I'm not deluded: I know its a throw away song.

Mariah took a really big 80's power ballad and managed to just titty squash the song into mediocrity. This is probably one of the worst covers Mariah's ever done.


  1. Ugh, I'm getting real tired of that nasty, nasally sound she's been doing a lot in the past few years. She does it for damn near the entire song.

    In typical Mariah fashion, she waits until the last minute to bring the vocals. Only this time it's worse because the track just abruptly fades into nothingness afterwards.

  2. I'm sorry, but this post is just ridiculous!

  3. The only thing that's ridiculous is the rate at which Mariah's voice and material is deteriorating.

  4. i thought it was ok but she isnt really pulling any good shit outta the bag right now is she?
    she always pulls the good shit out at the end of a song and its getting boring and the end was shit too!
    its sad that both mariah and mandonna put some good shitr out with emancipationa nd confessions but flopped back into mediocrity again :P
    these bitches need to sort theyre shit out . . .
    at least mariah looks like a woman though lol

  5. I actually love the first half of the song. The end gets a little too messy with all the layering.


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