New music: RichGirl - Lucky you are

New music: RichGirl - Lucky you are
The latest R&B girl group on the scene 'RichGirl' have thrown out a new line for those who are as sick of "He ain't wit me now (Tho)" as I am. This has not been confirmed as a single. Just a buzz cut to drum up interest for the upcoming debut.

Listen: Lucky you are

RichGirl's debut album
© 2009 Jive records, Zomba music group, Sony BMG entertainment / RichCraft

When I first saw the title of this song, I thought of Yoda. "Hmmmmm!! Lucky you are!!" As you heard, the song has no Yoda-ism's but it still manages to work. It has that super-synthy, mid-tempo, dramatic piano ballad style that's been popularized over the past couple years with songs like "Moving mountains" and Brandy's "Fall" amongst others. But this is hot. Speaking of Brandy, wouldn't she have sounded hot on this?


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