New music: Thelma Aoyama - Wasurenai yo

New music: Thelma Aoyama - Wasurenai yo
Every J-chick needs that one hot ballad in their career. You know the one!? Where the video has lots of slow motion walking on the streets of Japan, some tears, a bit of snow and smatterings of heartbreak? Well, this is Thelma's...

Listen: Wasurenai yo

Thelma Aoyama's second studio album
© 2009 Universal music Japan

The song is bananas. Thelma's best single by far. The production on this is absolutely insane. The harpsichords, the strings, the piano, the bass line: it sounds like classic Darkchild and The Underdogs R&B. J-producer U-Key zone is the absolute shit for hooking Thelma up like this. I've liked every single song the dude has produced so far. He has SKILLS. He needs to be hooking up with Crystal Kay.

I love my electro pop jams with the auto-tune, the vocoders and beats that sound like they were ripped from a 80's video game. But it's nice to hear something that is just music with no trends or gimmicks. Thelma Aoyama and producer U-Key zone brought a piece of R&B to the table that US artists are struggling to right now.

Thelma needs to stop with these mini albums and off shoot singles and hurry up with a new album. It's been a good while since her debut.


  1. where can I get some U-Key stuff? i was surprised to see you know The Underdogs and DC, you know your stuff on the production side too :).

    But yeah please link me to some more U-Key stuff, ive always wondered where these J-producers hide. I have a ton of Bach Logic stuff and that is about it.

  2. luv this song! reminds me of stay with me by koda kumi a bit :)


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