New music: Whitney Houston - Million dollar bill

New music: Whitney Houston - Million dollar bill
I kept hearing about Whitney's song "Million dollar bill" song, and upon hearing Swizz Beatz was the producer behind it I was on stand by for hand claps and whistles. So to hear this, I was surprised to say the least! Not what I was expecting at all...

Listen: Million dollar bill

I look to you
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A little faith in Whitney's new album has been restored as a result of this song. Old skool classy hotness. I've had this song on repeat for most of the evening. This has just got to be a single. Whitney's voice doesn't sound as hot as it used to, and you can hear the effects of the crack. But she sounds much more like her old self on "Million dollar bill" than she did on "I look to you" and "I didn't know my own strength" - where she sounded a sizzling mess who was well past it.

If this is the kinda swag that f**k buddy productions (Swizz beats and Alicia Keys) are on right now, then I cannot WAIT for Alicia Keys fourth studio album and hope they produce and write for other artists.


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