New music: Alicia Keys - Doesn't mean anything

New music: Alicia Keys - Doesn't mean anything
After (supposedly) home wrecking and writing a hit for Whitney, that talented chick with the sexy speaking voice who can play the piano is readying her fourth studio album. You know who I'm on about right? As if the post title and picture wasn't enough of a give away.

Listen: Doesn't mean anything

Alicia Keys' fourth studio album
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Reminds me of "No one". Only with a more alternative vibe. I really like this song. But it just doesn't blow me away. Alicia's singles never do. It's always the album cuts that never become singles that have me fixin' to hear more from her. Her first album, it was "Butterflyz", her second it was "Diary", her third album it was "I need you". "Doesn't mean anything" is a really nice song though, and as with most of Alicia's music she injects it with so much feeling via her vocals and piano playing.

Live performances of this song is what will sway me into loving it. "No one" grew on me in a BIG way after she started performing it live, and giving the song a feel, energy, tone and richness to it that the version recorded for her album never really captured. So I'll stand by for Alicia to wow me with a live performance of this song.


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