New music: BoA - Control & Crazy about

New music: BoA - Control & Crazy about
SM entertainment must have a lot of time and money to waste. I'm not surprised. Given how they be pimpin' and swindling money from artists on their roster. Despite the first issue of BoA's English language debut selling 27 copies and Slave Master entertainment doing nothing to help push it, they've put money into a re-release which features 2 brand new songs. 1 produced by Brian Kennedy (The Forehead's "Disturbia" and BoA's "Obsessed") and Sean 'I got lips like a double Whopper and look like Donkey Kong with an eye infection' Garrett (responsible for writing Beyoncé's "Diva" and producing BoA's "Energetic").

Listen: Control

Listen: Crazy about

BoA: Deluxe
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Wow. BoA pulled some music shit out of the bag that I actually do not hate!

Lawd hammercy... "Control" is hot! It sounds like a straight Tim and Danja joint. I'm all about that chorus. "Control" could've been one heck of a single if it was on her first release of her album and SM had their shit together regarding it. BoA's English sounds much stronger on this than it does on all of the other songs she recorded for her English language debut, she's un-auto tuned on at least 2 verses and she sounds really hot and like she has some swag. I had this song on repeat on my iPod the whole time I was on the bus yesterday.

"Crazy about" is also surprisingly hot. I don't know what happened with Sean Garrett on "I did it for love" and "Energetic". But "Crazy about" is slick. Although I much would've preferred another male vocalist on the song other than Sean Garrett. Namely a Korean artist with a decent English singing voice like say Se7en. But he doesn't over power BoA or the song as he did on his other 2 contributions to her album and BoA actually comes through nicely on the song despite the chronic auto tuning of her vocals.

It's a real shame these hot songs will pretty much go to waste and not aid in shifting units of the album. Slave Master entertainment clearly don't always know how to capitalize on a good thing. Because both "Control" and "Crazy about" would have made great singles and could have been hits on US and UK radio and in clubs worldwide.

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  1. WOW! <3 controll and crazy about is ok too :P

  2. Control and Crazy About sound pretty good but I can't believe they repackaged the album. It would have just been better to include the songs THEN think about going back to Asia to release a Korean album because she hasn't been seen there for a good 3 years I think.


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