New music: Brandy - Bet you didn't know & Supreme

New music: Brandy - Bet you didn't know & Supreme
Brandy maybe-just-possibly-kinda is currently living in limbo regarding her record label. But that's not stopping the fruits of her studio grind leaking. Bad for (probably-soon-to-be-unless-she-gets-herself-a-hit) poor Brandy. Good for us!

Listen: Bet you didn't know

Listen: Supreme

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These 2 Brandy leaks couldn't be more different from one another in terms of sound. "Bet you didn't know" is a song for the radio, done by the book. Stargate's signature sound and lyrics about loving someone, and hating how there are reminders of them. And "Supreme" being a straight R&B jam not miles away from "Bring it back" or "Love me the most". "Bet you didn't know" surprised me though. Because the song isn't new at all and I'd heard it before...

"Bet you didn't know" is a 3 year old song. It was recorded by ex Def Jam artist Megan Rochell for her debut album and was titled "Betcha". It received some air play on radio stations in both the US and the UK, and was due to be a single around the same time "So sick" was dominating the scene (hence the similarities in sound). But it just tailed into nothing due to label issues, Megan's album getting constant push backs and an eventual shelving; which then led to Megan's release from the label. I always dug Megan Rochell because she reminded me a lot of Brandy vocally. Especially on her songs "I still" and "It's on you" where she sounded MAD like Brandy. Brandy's version of "Betcha" is nice, but I wouldn't say it knocks Megan's out of the park. I actually prefer Megan's purely because I'd played it to death around the time it dropped and loved it. Shit...I still do! Plus, Megan rides the beat how Brandy would and does anyway. So there's not a great deal in it except for their vocal tones.

"Supreme" is really hot. Reports are citing the track is produced by Stargate, but it sounds more like a Bryan Michael Cox or Brian Kennedy production to me. Regardless, the song is really hot and shits all over "Bet you didn't know", "Decisions" and "Too little too late". I really do like it. I love "Love me the most" and "Bring it back" more, but "Supreme" is definitely a song I'll have on rotation.

Mo' Stargate and Brandy: Decisions & Too little too late


  1. "Supreme" is SICK! Brandy kills the beat, and everything flows perfectly.

    I love "Bet you didn't know". I hadn't heard it before, so I really like it. "Supreme" is, well, supreme though.

  2. the tunes are good but brandy is OVER! :P
    sad but true . . .

  3. "Supreme" is produced by Stargate, and written by Johnta Austin :)


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