New music: Brandy - Tell 'em

New music: Brandy - Tell 'em
After all of the not that great leaks from Brandy's sessions with Stargate, it's great to finally have something I'm all over like a fly on the stankiest and brownest piece of doo-doo.

Listen: Tell 'em

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Hot shizzle! This is the hottest leak I've heard from Brandy since "Back and forth". I love it!! Nice production, hot catchy lyrics and Brandy's signature vocal arrangements. Another one for the iPod to file under Album: Unknown. She really needs to sack Stargate and just do a whole album with Brian Kennedy, Bryan Michael-Cox and Eric Hudson. Oh... and Danja too. Plus, it'd be interesting to hear what Tricky Stewart and The Dream would cook up for Brandy. They're back in my good books again after some of the hotness they gave Mariah for Memoirs of an imperfect angel.


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  1. Beyonce & Brandy "Slow love" Duet!!!


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