New music: Britney Spears - 3

New music: Britney Spears - 3
Britney's song about getting slammed in a threesome. No subtlety. Just straight up threesome wanting before the beat even kicks in. Of course she sings all this shit with the aid of auto-tune and pitch manipulation. Britney don't let her music leave the house without it.

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As if "If U seek Amy" wasn't bad enough, Max Martin and Britney are knocking out another one to get the 'rents riled up. I do like this song though. It has a throwback Britney twang about it. The pre-chorus and the bridge has that old school Max Martin 'n Britney feel, and the chorus has that hot bounce Britney's been on with her past 2 albums. Its also bloody infectious, making it hard to sit still and not move to.

As much as I like the song, nothing about the song's hotness has a great deal to do with Britney herself. She has that voice that sounds cool when it's manipulated and auto-tuned. But other chicks could've swagged this just as good. Lady Gaga would've put it on this beat RIGHT and you know she would've come with one hot ass video too. I also think Janet would've laced this nicely. "3" just contrasts with Britney herself. If on Blackout, I would've believed full well Britney opens her legs and lets two men hit it at the same time. But now? Not so much. Plus she no longer has the swagger or energy to really sell this song in a video or live performance. It is a cool song though and at the very, VERY least; I won't take that away from her.

Oh yeah. And I re-edited the ending to the song. The original finished a bit too abrupt for my liking, so I changed it.


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