New music: Cheryl Cole - Fight for this love

New music: Cheryl Cole - Fight for this love
I can't stand Girls' aloud and despite Cheryl's hotness, I can't stand her much neither. I don't know her personally, but she just annoys me. Every time I open a newspaper there's some shit about her and her cheating ass husband that she won't ever leave. Fittingly her debut single is titled "Fight for this love".

Listen: Fight for this love

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The song isn't what I expected at all. It's rather R&B-ish. Cheryl's vocals sound iffy. All the parts that sound good don't sound like her at all. And you can definitely hear the studio trickery on her vocals at points. Layering and some subtle (and not so subtle) pitch correction in places. I do like the song, but it's just a shame a more talented singer with more to give didn't get the song. Simon Cowell definitely should have hustled to have gotten this song for Leona or Alexandra. They would've ran circles around this vocally. The chorus just lends itself to some belting, ad-libs and shit.

Can't wait to hear Cheryl Cole perform this live. She's gonna sound like she's got Ashely's d**k in her mouth when she does. I always like when signed acts perform on X-Factor and don't sound nowhere near as good as the contestants.


  1. ha ha this is total shit!
    i cant stand cheryl (feel sorry for me because my husband cheated on me and forget im a convicted thug) cole but i thought with all the $$$$$ the studio are plowing into her shed come up with something better than this :P
    she should stick with sluts aloud so she can hide behind some average singers :P


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