New music: Dara featuring CL - Kiss

New music: Dara featuring CL - Kiss
2NE1's Sandara Park is the first member of the group to drop a solo song! Whoulda thought it!? Not me! The song features CL, which makes me think it might as well have featured Minzy and Bom and been a 2NE1 song anyway. But let's give Sandara her shine...

Listen: Kiss

Kiss (Digital single)
© 2009 YG entertainment

Damn! Is this is how Dara is goin' on!? The song is hot and the style really suits her. I like the 80's vibe. It reminds me of something from The Black eyed peas The E.N.D album.

Now... I have to mention the auto-tune. I don't mind it if it contributes to a song's hotness. But this song did not need auto-tune on it. I think auto-tune needs to get itself a lawyer and take out a restraining order against YG entertainment, because they over use auto-tune more than anybody else in the K-Pop game. Big-Bang's Japanese album, G-Dragon's album, 2NE1's mini album and now Dara's solo track have all been savaged by auto-tune unnecessarily. Sandara has the weakest voice out of the 2NE1 girls. But she can carry a song without auto-tune and think it's a shame 90% of her vocals got done like that. I just made me roll my eyes.


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