New music: Janet Jackson - Make me

New music: Janet Jackson - Make me
Janet Jackson is the gift that keeps giving (head). Nah, I'm just playin'. Although I bet Janet's head game is A. Here's a new song from Miss Jackson ('cause I'm nasty!)

Listen: Make me
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"Make me" was a free gift Janet gave to her fans via her official website, moments after her performance at the VMA's. And I'm bloody grateful for it, because...

a) I love Janet Jackson to DEATH.
b) The song is hot.
c) I can never get enough of Janet.

"Make me" song sounds like it's following in the footsteps of that throwback, funk, unadulterated pop flavour that "2nite" from Discipline brought forth - which is nothing but a good thing. I really like this song, but don't love it. But I could fall in love with it. Hot stuff! If she went with this for a single and came with one stank ass hot video and one avalanche of a promotion campaign, she'd have a hit on her hands with this.

Something for if you're nasty: Miss Jackson
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