New music: Jesse McCartney featuring T-Pain - Body language

New music: Jesse McCartney featuring T-Pain - Body language
It seems the whole semi hood wannabe sound Jesse adopted for Departure wasn't just a one album phase; as he's gone mo' hood with his new song featuring T-Pain. Well, as hood as is possible from a white boy from some teen program set on a beach hooking up with T-Pain. To call T-Pain 'hood' is pretty blasphemus. But then again, what is truly 'hood' these days?

Listen: Body langauge

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Okay. Honesty time. This song is hot. Really hot! "Body language" isn't amazing as the thing Jesse says his girl is carrying behind her. But for what it is, it's a hot song. Hot beat, catchy hook and T-Pain for the club and radio factor.

I liked Jesse's Departure album. I much would've preferred to have heard another artist singing the songs. But the songs were so catchy and the production was so tight on the whole that the songs remained enjoyable. I wouldn't turn my nose up at his next effort, that's for sure.


  1. What a stupid song.

    Which is why I'm mad at myself that I was actually sitting here bouncing to it. <_<

  2. Wow, it's really catchy!

    I really like it actually.


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