New music: JoJo - Around the world

New music: JoJo - Around the world
JoJo is still waiting in the wings for her shitty situation with her record company to dissolve and resolute itself. But that's not stopping the music from leaking. JoJo's expressed via her Twitter how she hates her shit leaking. But I'm not gonna lie and say I don't like me a bit of music leaking from JoJo. Especially when there's every chance it won't see the light of day on an album release.

Listen: Around the world

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I'm not keen on the use of the Daft Punk sample. I would've much preferred to have heard JoJo sing the ♪ Around the world ♪ parts herself in her new sultry, sexy voice. But the song is still a winner. I'm hoping for JoJo that by some stroke of luck that this song gets a release...and soon! Because it has serious single potential. Pop and Urban radio would play this without a second thought and it would go down nicely in clubs too.


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