New music: Leona Lewis - Happy

New music: Leona Lewis - Happy
The most boring diva in the game has once again teamed up with the very same man who gave her the mammoth hit "Bleeding love". Dude was never going to come with a song that would top it. But that clearly didn't stop Simon Cowell from asking him to try anyway.

Listen: Happy

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All Ryan Tedder did was jack his own style from Beyondroid's "Halo" and Kelly Carkson's "Already gone" and then recycle it to Leona. The song is boring. Leona can sing, scream and hit every note on the octave scale on this beat until the ghost of Minnie Riperton slaps her in the face: the song is still boring to me. All of the songs that leaked up until "Happy" were much better.

On Leona's debut album: Brave


  1. its ok but i agree the songs that leaked out like "stranger" etc were much better but i guess the label wanted to go witha ballad for the first single . . .
    also i have to say that leona isnt boring shes really nice but is shy, im sure behind doors shes way more fun :P
    either way i bet mariah is getting her shit into overdrive because "obsessed" or even "i wanna know what love is" cant even compare to this :P

  2. I like it. I can appreciate someone who can sing like that. It's not going to be the smash that "Bleeding Love" was, but I bet it'll be big enough.


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