New music: Sugababes 4.0 - About a girl

New music: Sugababes 4.0 - About a girl
With Keisha booted out of the group, the Sugababes train still steams on with new passengers and shows no real sign of slowing down. Although it could do at any given moment with the debacle regarding Keisha's departure and an album still on the way. Here's the second Sweet 7 single, with new girl (she ain't no Sugababe) Jade Ewen's vocals.

Listen: About a girl (with Jade Ewen's vocals)

Sweet 7
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"About a girl" was such a hot song with the girls sounding so undistinct and middle towed, that Keisha's vocals being replaced don't really make the song any worse or better. Any 3 chicks could sing this song and it'd still be hot because the hooks are catchy and the production is air tight. Credit to Jade: she does sound really good vocally and hands down has the strongest vocals out of all 3 girls.

I'm still finding it hard to regard Sugababes 4.0 as the Sugababes though.

Sugababes 3.0's take: About a girl
Read up on the drama: The death of the Sugababes


  1. This still sounds great! :P
    People need to give the new line-up a chance like weve done before and lets remember that all the line-up changes were down to Keisha so i think this will be the last one :)
    I listened to the babes interview with radio 1's scott mills and they all sounded so happy together, as if a cloud had been lifted poor heidi was almost crying when she talked about the papers making out she plotted to throw keisha out and amelle was upset too they obviously tried to sort things with keisha but you cant expect people to be miserable all the time can you?
    to all the people saying they arnt the "real" sugababes put it this way with siobhan (bullied out by keisha) they released 1 album which sold sold 220,000 copies and were dropped by london records with heidi they will have released 6 albums (not including singles collection) were signed by island and sold 7,880,000 albums and had all their no1s so i think heidi is more of a sugababe than siobhan . . .

  2. I'mma still miss Keisha, but damn it, I love me some Jade.


    You're throwing the whole 'original Sugababe' thing out of context. Nobody has once said anything about Heidi's lack of commitment to the group and disregarded her as a Sugababe. Certainly not me. She was the one member who always looked hot, sounded great, never put a foot wrong. And she was part of the success from the group's second album. She helped build them up to what they are today. Everybody is aware of that, and respects that. But the issue here is that there is only one member of the line up from the 'babes in their prime. And as great as Heidi is - she was still brought into the group to take another girls' spot. Plus, despite Heidi's hotness and talent, she doesn't have that air about her where you feel she alone could carry Sugababe name, brand, feel and energy in the same way Mutya or Keisha would if they were in her situation: a new line up with 2 new girls. This is the issue many are having.

    It's easy to say "Oh, as long as the music's good" but the situation is still messed up. You need to understand: many liked the Sugababes not just for their music, but the girls who were doing it. There was a soul and passion with Siobhan, Heidi, Mutya and Keisha - for them to make the group successful. Amelle walked into the group and just rode on the already rgafted for and achieved success success, and now Jade (as sweet and as talented as she is) will too.

    Things would've gone better if this shit had occured during the down time between the release of the last album and the recording of this one. Because of the way Heidi was introduced, she was accepted straight away. She wasn't raggedly put into the group mid way through an album, during promotion and as some 11th hour addition. Shit was gotten together before 'Angels with dirty faces' was recorded and it ran correctly. This whole situation with 'Sweet 7' feels like a mess. But an orchestrated one just to stir drama and have the internet blowing up about the girls. If Keisha was an issue for so long (which she seems to have been), management could've gotten Jade in as soon as 'Catfights and spotlights' had ran its fast course, and had Keisha out, Jade in and recorded the written the album together and promoted 'Sweet 7' as Sugababes 4.0 from there on out - which would've been a smoother and more beneficial transition that would've been a little easier for fans to take.

  4. @Random J

    well for me the "prime" of sugababes was angels ith dirty faces to taller in more ways (mutya, keisha and heidi).
    tbh most people came to know them from when heidi joined onwards so although she wasnt in the group for the first album most people knewher before siobhan :P
    anyway keisha wasnt even in the group first . . . mutya and siobhan were under solo contracts with london records and sang a duet when the label put them together under the name sugababies (later changed thankfully!) then mutya brought keisha in to hang round one day and then she was added but that didnt stop her bullying siobhan out :P

    anyway were all entitled to our opinions but for me although she wasnt on one touch shes a "real" sugababe . . . . would it be more acceptable if heisi and keisha were gone and it was siobhan, amelle and jade? . . . . not too me :P peace + <3

  5. I agree with what you said Random J - the track is sick regardless of who's singing on it. I'm worried about the future of the Sugababes now though. When Mutya left they lost their edge and now Keisha has gone I'm worried they'll have lost most of their creativity and end up as manufactured as Girls Aloud. Ahhh I dunno this is all just a big mess :(

  6. LOL at the arguements everywhere. You literally cannot read a story somewhere about the new Sugababes without some sort of dispute breaking out.


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