New music: Sugababes - About a girl

New music: Sugababes - About a girl
The Sugababes plan to try and push out a second single before their 7th studio album Sweet 7 releases. And with it being business as usual on a Sugababes tip, with RedOne on production duties: there shouldn't be a great deal stopping this from blowing up the European charts.

Listen: About a girl

Sweet 7
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I loved this song from when the girls performed it live, so hearing the song as it will sound on the album hasn't done much to convince me any more. Hotness. The only thing I'm not keen on is the lack of the girls unified vocals on the chorus. During their live stint they all sang the chorus together, harmonized and sounded great. Here, it's predominately Keisha. The production is hot though. I love the beat.

I smell a number 1 hit single with this one. After "Girls", "No can do" and "Get sexy" - it's great hearing the girls back on form with what they do best: hot catchy pop records that doesn't have them sounding like they're conforming and selling out.

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  1. I don't like fact I haven't liked a Sugababes song since 'About You Now'. I'm glad the babes are still going as they are talented and write their own stuff, but they've lost me, I'm not fond of the direction they're going in. But that's just me :-)

  2. i <3 it!!!! seriously i loved it when they sang it live but with the backing track etc its ferosh lol
    this must be no1 after get sexy was robbed :P
    cant wait for the album! <3 the sugababes XxXxX

  3. "About a girl" is hotness for me, because it actually sounds like a Sugababes track and reminds me something they would've done for 'Taller in more ways' which I think was the girls' best album. I do prefer the live version of "About a girl" though because the girls' had more sass about them and the chorus sounded better. Still liking it though.

    As for the song writing, I don't think they write as much as they used to. It's like they write less with each album they put out - which is a shame. Not sure why that is...


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