Bonus material: Mariah Carey featuring OJ da Juiceman, Big Boi & Gucci mane - H.A.T.E.U (Remix)

Mariah Carey featuring OJ da Juiceman, Big Boi & Gucci mane - H.A.T.E.U (Remix)
We all know that Mariah loves a remix, right? She was one of the pioneering ladies in the game who took her remixes to another level. Re-recording vocals, re-arranging her shit and in some cases changing lyrics completely to put a new spin on a song. But sometimes songs should be left alone. And Mariah should NOT have touched "H.A.T.E.U". And to put a rapper on it named OJ da Juiceman is just some bullshit. Ain't nobody taking a n***a seriously with a name like that.

Listen: H.A.T.E.U (Remix)

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A remix is to put a new take on an existing song. I get that. But I feel to put some generic Miami style 2-step beat underneath the lyrics to "H.A.T.E.U" and then throw a couple of rappers on it completely takes away from the song. "H.A.T.E.U" was one of Mariah's most personal songs, and one of the best slow heartfelt songs she'd done since "We belong together". The production, her vocal performance, the lyrics, the flow: everything was near spot on. This remix strips away what made the original such a great song. It's now just like any other generic song on the radio. It doesn't help that the new lyrics, raps and beat are all crap neither.

"H.A.T.E.U" is set to be the third single off of Memoirs of an imperfect angel. I just hope the remix doesn't overshadow the brilliance of the original, which it could well do.


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