Bonus material: Mary J. Blige featuring Timbaland - Skycap

Mary J. Blige featuring Timbaland - Skycap
Mary J. Blige had recorded a song with Timbaland and The Clutch for her Growing pains album, but it had gotten left off. I bet Timbo's self esteem is real good with these chicks leaving his cuts off of their albums. Especially when they're as hot as this. The Clutch fans may wanna listen out for their girl Candice Nelson, as it sounds like she's on backing vocal duties here.

Listen: Skycap

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I remember when I first read about this song. I expected it to be a slow or mid-tempo affair. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this drop and it was uptempo. The song is hot, and Mary was a silly bitch for leaving this off of her Growing pains album. The chorus could've done with some synth work or something to help lift it a little. But the beat, the sampled chants, the lyrics and Mary's vocal game are just hotness. I could imagine this on Mary's Share my world album. And it sounds like the kinda shit Missy would've penned for a Timbo beat back in the day. Old skool Mary and old skool Timbo making a re-appearance for the first time in a good while. Although I doubt Timbo produced this shit on his own.

I'd love it if Mary chucked "Skycap" onto her upcoming album Stronger.


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