New music: Adam Lambert - For your entertainment

New music: Adam Lambert - For your entertainment
Adam Lambert's long single is more explicit than I thought it would be. Genders are smartly un-addressed in the song. We're not quite in a time yet when a dude can openly sing a song about some good ol' sex and drop he. But given Adam is super gay and he's dropping lines like ♪ I told ya I'm a hold you down until you're amazed. Give it to ya, 'til you screaming my name ♪. It's pretty clear he's talking about ploughing booty.

Listen: For your entertainment

For your entertainment
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The song is produced by Dr. Luke and you can hear it. It works that same f**king bounce that one too many artists have jumped on since he and Flo'rida infected the world with "Right round".

Adam Lambert sounds great. But I'm just not in love with the song. It feels lacking. Something like this should have been overproduced to DEATH like a Britney joint. Blips, a little bit of pitch correction and some screwing with Adam's vocals around the bridge. Hopefully Max Martin will do all this shit for his tracks with Adam.

Whilst this is sure to do well commercially, I can't see myself remembering this song months from now because it sounds so much like everything else out at the moment. It's a good lead single for what it is. And it shits over the lead singles that any American idol winner has dropped during the entire time the show has been going. I'll be looking to the album for the triple-A hotness. 'Cause the single hasn't brought it for me.

Kris Allen may as well sit down and call it a day from now. Because Adam is gonna mess shit up for him so badly.


  1. I was expecting him to drop a up tempo dance track. I was kind of worried when I first started listening to it though because I couldn't really recognize it as Adam's voice, since it's usually so distinct. But it grew on me very quickly, and I like it a lot!

    Some people hated his wails on AI, but I absolutely love 'em and think it's crazy that a dude can even go that high with his voice. And about the dirty lyrics...yeah I wasn't quite expecting them to be so dirty either. But then again, I'm not that surprised, lol.

    By the sounds of it, his album is going to be full of different sounds, so I can't wait to cop it.


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