New music: Beyoncé & Brandy - Slow love

New music: Beyoncé & Brandy - Slow love
Well what do we have here! Two of my favourite B's went and recorded the same song! I'll kick this shit off by saying first that I think the song itself is dusty. It didn't make nobodies album, and you can hear why.

Listen: Slow love (Beyoncé's version)

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Listen: Slow love (Brandy's version)

© 2009 Epic records, Sony BMG music entertainment

Verdict time! I prefer the Beyondroid's version. Simply because it sounds like her kinda song. This wouldn't sound out of place on any one of Beyoncé's albums, or even a Destiny's Child album. But Brandy's version just doesn't feel right. I could not imagine it on any album of her's. This is what it all boils down to for me. Who the songs fits best. And I feel it's Beyoncé.

Brandy needs to stop with the Stargate collabo's, because they've all been pretty lacklustre. Not rubbish, but not great, as Brandy's stuff tends to be. They gave her a 3 year old Megan Rochell joint and then a Beyoncé off-cut too! Brandy needs to be staying on the Eric Hudson, Bryan Michael-Cox and Brian Kennedy tip. Them n***a's don't know how to even steer her wrong. (Pun not intended).

Google and YouTube, and you can find various versions of the song where fans have mixed both Beyoncé and Brandy's takes together.


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