New music: Brandy featuring Ne-Yo - Good night, Good morning

New music: Brandy featuring Ne-Yo - Good night, Good morning
Another song that Brandy recorded with Stargate, and also Ne-Yo. If you feel how I do about anything Brandy's recorded with these guys, then you won't feel a great deal about the joints or this piece of rubbish right here.

Listen: Good night, Good morning

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I think this song is garbage. The only thing that's crazy about the beat is how whack it is. Ne-Yo comes through too strong on this song. The whole time I'm listening to it, I'm thinking "This sounds like a Ne-Yo joint that he should've recorded himself". I don't wanna be hearing Brandy sing about how she's dancing erotically and has her scent on a dude in a club to a 2-step beat. The song would've been better if it were given to The Forehead. I'd probably tolerate it more if she had it. This song is not a Brandy song.

I can rejoice in that this song won't ever see the light of day on a Brandy album. Because X-Factor 2008 winner Alexandra Burke has already snagged it for hers. I really wish Brandy would stop working with Stargate. Everything she's recorded with them has been dusty except for "Supreme", which I'm shocked Stargate had anything to do with because it is so much better than everything else they'd given Brandy. And that's only because it was on some Bryan Michael-Cox sounding tip. The Stargate joints just sound like they're holding Brandy back. Lyrically the songs are bog standard, vocally Brandy is NOT on that A-game with the arrangements and harmonies, and the songs are just down right boring. More tracks with Eric Hudson please!


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