New music: Cheryl Cole featuring - Three words

Cheryl Cole featuring - Three words
The Black eyed peas' front man repays the favour to Cheryl Cole for her second single "Three words". Cheryl danced like shit in his "Heartbreaker" video, so he gives her some shit for her debut solo album. Sounds like a fair trade.

Listen: Three words

Three words
© 2009 Fascination records / Universal music

I got three words for this song. It sounds like a really bad Girls aloud track. I may have like the song more if had set this song aside for The E.N.D, because Fergie's vocals would've set this off right.

As with "Fight for this love", any potential hotness the song may have has nothing to do with Cheryl. "Fight for this love" was all about the hook and backing vocalists putting all the things into the song that Cheryl couldn't. And "Three words" is all about's production and guest feature. It actually sounds more like featuring Cheryl Cole.

I won't be buying Cheryl's album. I've already heard it and think it's bloody awful. Them Girls aloud chicks can rest easy. Cheryl's shit won't take off in a fashion that has her leaving Girls aloud any time soon. After all: it's not like she's Beyoncé. Not even close.


  1. It's leaked in full already?! Wow! That was fast, and pretty bad. And people were moaning when a couple of Alexandra and Leona demos went out!
    Bloody aweful eh? I hope to read the full review, I always enjoy them!


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