New music: Chris Brown featuring Lil' Wayne - Transform ya

New music: Chris Brown featuring Lil' Wayne - Transform ya
Chris 'Take you down' Brown is actually making an attempt with his solo career, which I can't see failing. His female fans knowing he went upside a bitches head will probably fuel the attraction that he would regulate and keep them in check if they ever tripped - and chances are they like that. I hope they like side orders of black eyes, lost teeth and low self-esteem with that shit. Here's Chris Brown's rubbish new single "Transform ya", produced by Swizz 'On to the next one before my ass even gets divorced' Beatz.

Listen: Transform ya

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The song is rubbish. It sounds like a really really bad version of Beyoncé's "Upgrade U" with 80% more whistles and 50% more nonsense. "Upgrade U" is one of the hottest songs Beyoncé has done. I love the song to death. But let's not front: the song was about some nonsense, as most of Beyoncé's uptempo shit tend to be. "I can do for you what Martin did for the people". Puh-lease.

I've never been hot on Chris Brown's music. His voice annoys me and the majority of his music is just whack to me. So needless to say I couldn't care that much less for his upcoming album.


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