New music: Girls' generation & f(x) - Chocolate love

Girls' generation & f(x) - Chocolate love
Both of Slave Master entertainments popular girl acts are being pimped for the song "Chocolate love". The song isn't about wanting to mack with a brotha, go black and never look back. But is actually a tie in with LG's Chocolate series of mobile phones. We know how it goes in Korea. An idol artist or group nabs a deal with a phone company and we get a cool song to jam to.

Listen: Chocolate love (Girls' generation's retro pop version)

Listen: Chocolate love (f(x)'s electronic pop version)

Chocolate love (Digital single)
© 2009 SM entertainment

The songs sound like Rachel Stevens' "Sweet dreams my LA ex" and tracks Britney has done. So I was not surprised to find out that the tracks were produced by Bloodshy & Avant who has been responsible for Rachel's hit song and several of Britney's. Seems Bloodshy & Avant are the European go to producers for East Asia. First Crystal Kay, then BoA, and now Girls' generation and f(x).

My version of preference? f(x)'s hands down. It has more of a bounce and an edge. The SNSD-bots version sounds like a monophonic ringtone. It still shocks me how a group of 9 girls can manage to keep putting out songs that make little to no use out of every members vocals. Would it hurt to have them drop some harmonies?

I look forward to the music videos. No doubt the SNSD-bots will be showing some leg and flailing them around. Whilst f(x) prance about and make their best efforts to look under age sexy whilst Amber scowls and continues to look like she's harbouring a penis.


  1. The song is very 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex' hit it right on the nail there.

    I agree with the harmonies on the Girls Generation version, but I kinda prefer it ever so slightly more.

  2. your so right! :P
    it sound like a korean cover of "sweet dream my L.A.X" lol i prefer the F(X) version too, it has more personality in it i think =)


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