New music: Jennifer Lopez / Lola featuring Pitbull - Fresh out the oven

Jennifer Lopez / Lola featuring Pitbull - Fresh out the oven
Another chick with an alter ego to share. Jennifer Lopez's alter ego Lola stepped out to record a song. Which means if this is set to go as a single, we'll see some heavy ass make up, long ponytails and a bit of weave 'n extension thrashing no doubt. I mean, shoot... Sasha Fierce and Super C did it! That's all these alter ego's are: an excuse for chicks to wear as little as possible, heels as high as possible and just dance like they're on some kind of crack. Hold up. Why am I even complaining? Go Lola!!!

Listen: Fresh out the oven

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Fresh out the oven my arse. More like stale out the dustbin. The song is garbage. I can't stand it. It sounds like a cross between Justin Timberlake's "Sexy ladies" and Mariah Carey's "Tonight". And even though J.Lo doesn't have the best voice, even by her low bar set standards this is bad. Pitbull just about manages to save this song, but I still don't like it. Pharrell and J.Lo could've have come better than this surely. "Hooked on you" was a MUCH better song in my opinion. It banged hard and got the job done.


  1. i thought it was shizz the first time i heard it but the more ive listened to it the more i like it and now im addicted :P
    im glad shes gone back to her ghetto style instead of all the disco shit though i think shell come back big again :D

    p.s lola isnt her alterego shes said it was just the character this songs based on and the song isnt gonna be a single or on the new album "love?" its just a promo song :P


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