New music: JoJo - How you did it & Impossible to love

JoJo - How you did it & Impossible to love
The JoJo leaks just keep springing. I'd feel sorry for JoJo if I weren't so flippin' glad to finally hear so much new material from her. Because let's be real: even with her new distribution deal, her album will probably still get cop blocked. She is still signed with Blackground after all, and they're a mess. And least the same can't be said for her music, which has been hot based on all we've heard so far...

Listen: How you did it

Listen: Impossible to love

All I want is everything
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"Impossible to love" is produced by The Underdog: Harvey Mason Jr. When Harvey works with JoJo the results are always hot. I still play "Never say goodbye" from her debut to this day. And I'm partial to a bit of 2-steppin' when I hear "Baby it's you". The auto-tuning on "Impossible to love"'s the middle-8 was completely unnecessary. But the song is a winner all the same. And all I can say about "How you did it" is that it's single material. Hot stuff! Both songs give me 'Brandy vibes'. I get more Brandy vibes from JoJo's leaked cuts than any of Brandy's leaks with Stargate.

Every song that has leaked from JoJo since "Forever in my life" has been hot. I hope for her sake that these don't all make the album, because it'll be Mario's Go! and Kelly Rowland's Ms. Kelly situation all over again: An oft delayed album that releases and is full of previously leaked tracks. And as a part result: flops commercially.


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