New music: JoJo - I hate love

New music: JoJo - I hate love
The past 3 leaks from JoJo have all been album and single worthy joints. And this right here is no exception. Bryan Michael Cox on production duties and JoJo on that swag as usual.

Listen: I hate love

All I want is everything
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Crack. JoJo's vocal game doesn't not stumble, and neither does Bryan Michael Cox's production. I was all over this song from before the hook came in, but when the middle 8 hit I had to rewind. "I hate love" is single material. It's a real shame it's gone and leaked and may not even make a JoJo album. My fave JoJo leak so far. Her leaks are putting what chicks right now have officially released and put on albums to shame.

Food for thought: How hot would Brandy sound on a joint like this?

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