New music: JoJo - Keep forgetting (to forget about you) + Fly away

New music: JoJo - Keep forgetting (to forget about you) + Fly away
JoJo is still caught up in some label bullshit, and is springing leaks like mad. I'm thinking some n***a at Blackground hates her and is leaking her shit on purpose.

Listen: Keep forgetting (to forget about you)

Listen: Fly away

All I want is everything
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"Keep forgetting (to forget about you)" is a great song. But it follows too closely in the footsteps of "Leave (Get out)" and "Too little, too late". So hopefully JoJo will go with something a little different for a lead single - otherwise these will be the only songs people will associate her with and think she can do.

"Fly away" is really nice, and has that "Halo"-like, big pop record vibe that seems to be popular with ladies with a vocal range right now. JoJo's voice really is something. She has such great control over it now. More so than she ever did before. You can hear the growth in her delivery which is always a nice thing to hear with a young artist.

I really cannot wait to hear a new album from JoJo. And hope that when she does drop it, that her label releases more than 2 singles off of it.

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