New music: Keri Hilson - I like

Keri Hilson - I like
In a bit off an odd and unexpected turn, Keri has recorded a new song to feature on the Music from the motion picture soundtrack for the German movie release Zweiohrk├╝ken. The very same soundtrack that One Republic's "Secrets" will also feature on. Worldwide Keri fans needn't worry about not being able to cop the track, as it is available on iTunes, and also here for your listening pleasure!

Listen: I like

Zweiohrk├╝ken: Music from the motion picture
© 2009 Universal music

Yup. I like! This is a really nice song. It's sound will probably get lost in the dozens of other songs that are sharing the same sound on European radio and in clubs right now. But the song has the potential to do really well commercially. Kelly Rowland would have sounded hotter on this though. She instantly came to mind when I first heard the song. Given her success with "When love takes over", she more than likely would've caught herself another hit if she'd jumped on this.

There is already speculation of Keri working on a brand new album. Though currently, speculation is all is it. I guess the great thing about being a songwriter is that it's easy to record a new album under the radar. After all; who is to say a long studio session wasn't in aid of a song for somebody else?


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