New music: OneRepublic - Secrets

OneRepublic - Secrets
Whilst "All the right moves" was the worldwide lead single off of OneRepublic's second studio album Waking up. Germany got something different...

Listen: Secrets

Waking up
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Another variation of Beyoncé's "Halo", Kelly Clarkson's "Already gone", Leona Lewis' "Happy" and not much in-between. I am so tired of hearing Ryan recycle the shit. It needs to stop. The dude is capable of producing great songs that don't have to conform to the templates of these songs, so I don't understand why he's running it into the ground.

I do like "Secrets" though. It has a very Coldplay feel about it, which I like. And the chorus is really big, anthemic and insta-memorable. It may be because I'm a little sick of "All the right moves" about now, but I'm preferring "Secrets".


  1. Really loving it! I like this and "Everybody loves me" better than "All the right moves".


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