New music: Rihanna - Russian roulette

Rihanna - Russian roulette
The Forehead's lead single off of her fourth studio album was written by Ne-Yo (and also The Forehead herself) and sounds like some reject James Bond theme. Gotta give it to the girl. She certainly surprised me with this shit right here. It's not what I was expecting what-so-ever.

Listen: Russian roulette

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This is not what I was expecting The Forehead to drop as a single, and for that alone: I give her and Def Jam mad props. But the song feels lacking. My expectations weren't all that high for The Forehead's new single. But I at least expected her to come with something bigger and better than this.

As soon as I heard Ne-Yo had a hand in writing the song, I knew it was going to be on some lax tip. "Russian roulette" should have had been so much more grand and over dramatic. Orchestrated strings, a timpani, crazy backing vocals. But instead the whole thing just feels like it's coasting and never turns any corners. And it's not like The Forehead has the vocal flourishes of say Beyoncé or Leona to bring that extra something to the song and keeps things interesting (could you imagine these ladies on this song?!). Although credit to her - she does sound (a little bit) stronger than she did before.

I do like the song. I certainly don't hate it. I just think it could have been much more. I'll still be checking for the album though. Because I know it's going to have some potential hits on there.

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  1. "As soon as I hard Ne-Yo had a hand in writing the song"
    I think you mean HEARD....I know you like Neyo but I don't think you like him THAT much ;-)


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