New music: Robin Thicke - Sex therapy

Robin Thicke - Sex therapy
The white dude was that sick soulful voice who is hard to hate on is on a mission to give some sex therapy. Shit. Aren't we all?

Listen: Sex therapy

Robin Thicke's 4th studio album
© 2009 Interscope records, Universal music company / Star Trak

Robin Thicke has yet to drop a song I've not liked. But whilst I like his stuff, I don't really play much of it aside from "Lost without U" and "Would that make you love me". But "Sex therapy" will get some serious spins. I love everything about it. Polow da Don came delivered some really nice production which reminds me of a cross between something Timbaland would've dropped back when Aaliyah was still alive (his sound and creativity damn near died when she did) and how Jam & Lewis' put it down on Mary J. Blige's "Everything". Whilst some are saying this is a complete knock off of Ciara's "Promise", I don't think it's entirely the case. There are parallels with the vibe and of course: the producer, but that's as far as it goes.

This song has me awaiting Robin's new album in a big way. I hope clubs jump on "Sex therapy", because I'm getting tired of Jeremih's "Birthday sex" getting dropped like it's the best R&B mid / slow jam in the world and the only slow jam to have touched down in the past 6 months.


  1. Oh... Oh. I may have to go and find a lady to have some sex with. Like, right now. This song got ma loins all excited; So damn good!

  2. Reminds me too much of J. Holliday's "Bed".

    But I do like it. I've never listened to much of Robin Thicke's stuff though. His falsetto also reminds me of Maxwell a bit. That's a compliment too!


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