New music: Shontelle - Licky

Shontelle - Licky
How the hell does this chick manage to get a shot at a second studio album!? Her debut could not have bombed harder if it were in the hands of the Al Qaeda! I guess the clues are in the song title. Because I'm sure a chick had to give licky for days to have had a second studio album green lit.

Listen: Licky

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Sounds like Flo'rida's "Right round" without the rap and the Dead or alive "You spin my right round (Like a record)" sample. I think it's safe to say that Shontelle's label are trying to play it with her how it all got played with The Forehead. Bring her out as some little island girl and hit with the album full of lite pop 'n R&B jams with a reggae tinge. And then f**k that shit in the arse for the second album and just drop the most mainstream sounding single ever, whilst praying for some success. It could work. But at least The Forehead had sex appeal to help drive it all home. Shontelle on the other hand just isn't sexy to me. She looks like a cross between Aresnio Hall and RuPaul, with a little bit of my junior school buddy: Tunde.


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