New music: Sugababes 3.0 - Wear my kiss, Wait for you, Thank you for the heartbreak & Miss everything

Sugababes 3.0 - Sweet 7 album sampler
Sweet 7's recording had wrapped up long before Keisha got heave ho'd out the group. And the album sampler which was issued to radio stations and DJ's was one which featured original Sugababes Keisha's vocals. Coincidentally (or not as the case could be) these songs have leaked in their entirety. A nice surprise for Sugababes 3.0 fans, as they can now have half the Sweet 7 tracks with their original vocals - featuring Keisha!

The new songs can be heard in their entirety after the jump.

Listen: Wear my kiss

Listen: Wait for you

Listen: Thank you for the heartbreak

Listen: Miss everything (featuring Sean Kingston)

Sweet 7 (Album sampler)
© 2009 Island records, a Universal music company / Roc Nation

I can't say I'm in love with with any of these songs. "Wait for you" sounds like a real grower. And "Thank you for the heartbreak" sounded much better when the 'babes performed it live. I was really hoping for big things with this album, but it's looking like another Sugababes CD that I won't really want to buy. Unless of course the remaining 5 songs I've yet to hear really blow me away, and are all kinds of amazing. New girl Jade is sure to catch some flack from the 4.0 haters, because all 4 of these new songs are Keisha dominant - which means they will now be Jade dominant. Something that may not go down well with some fans. "She's new, Heidi should've gotten the lead parts! I hate the bitch! She try'na take Keisha's place. This Eurovision flop ho!" I can see it now.

The girl group that used to run shit in the UK now sound no better than Girls aloud to me. And to hear the girls' auto-tuned on a song with Sean Kingston just puts the fork in it. That quirky, original, uniquely Sugababes sound feels like it's been scrubbed down with caustic soda and has been stripped away.

Island records should have pushed this album back into 2010. The Sugababes line-up change have caused contractual issues, which have prevented the 4.0 line-up from performing. So promotion has been pretty thin on the ground since Keisha's departure. The extra time would've allowed the girls to have gone back and re-recorded brand new songs together, allowed Jade to promote a lead single and an album she was a part of from the start; instead of being dragged in at the eleventh hour like some third wheel. As well as allowing the dust to settle with the whole situation. Keisha herself is getting more columns in the papers, magazines and on blogs than the 4.0's. And to make matters worse for the 'babes: Leona's new album is releasing a week before theirs. And Lady Gaga's The fame re-release, Britney's single collection and Rihanna's long awaited new album are all releasing on the same day. I hear Heidi likes to read the bible. Right now would be a good time for home girl to pray. I honestly can't see the Sugababes lasting much longer at this rate.

The 3.0's first 2 Sweet 7 singles: Get sexy | About a girl


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