New music: Teairra Marí featuring Gucci Mane & Souja boy - Sponsor

New music: Teairra Marí featuring Gucci Mane & Souja boy - Sponsor
The girl that Roc-a-fella presented and then dropped like a sack of dead cats in favour of The Forehead is showing there can be life (albeit with no A-list shine) after The Roc. Her ass needs more than a sponsor if she wants to make even the slightest bit of impact with her career. Chick wishes she had one in the first place.

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At that point
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I know it's wrong for me to like a bullshit song about a girl getting rained on with verses from Gucci mane and Soulja boy. But I can't help it. I really like this song. I'll probably be sick of it in less than a week. But for now this shit is getting stepped to HARD. Other than "Find my way back", this is the only song I've heard from Teairra Marí's second album that I've liked. Teairra sounds hot on the song and the lyrics are about some crap, but they're quirky and funny. It comes as no surprise that the song was written by two members of the song writing collective 'The Clutch'. I figured as much.

This is exactly the kind of hood garbage that Beyoncé would drop, sound hot on and get away with. I wouldn't have been mad at the Beyondroid if she did drop this song. Because I know she would've done the damn thing with "Sponsors"'s beat. And the lyrics would've true to life for her, because we know how Jay-Z be lacing his wife with ERRRRRthang she wants (even though she can buy it all herself).


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