New music: Timbaland - Morning after dark (featuring SoShy & Nelly Furtado) + Rumours (featuring Keri Hilson & Jay-Z)

Timbaland - Morning after dark (featuring SoShy & Nelly Furtado) + Rumours (featuring Keri Hilson & Jay-Z)
It's been a patchy year or two for Timbo. Albums he's worked on getting push backs. Tracks he's produced getting left off of albums. Big artists no longer wanting him, but running to Tricky Stewart, Rodney Jerkins and his once friend now nemesis 'The unstoppable Danja'. But he's back with a new album to (try and) prove to everybody, that Timbo still has 'it'. But does he?

Listen: Morning after dark

Listen: Rumours

Timbaland presents Shock value II
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I'm betting he didn't do "Morning after dark" on his own, and that a Camp Timbo flunkie helped do the beat. Because it sounds WAY too intricate for Timbo. But the song is hot. I cannot wait to hear how hard it goes in a club. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I could not help but hum "4 minutes" to myself as I listened to the song. I think maybe it's the vibe, the key and the way the chorus comes in. Timbo is usually annoying on the songs he sings and tries to rap on, but I liked how he sounded on this. Auto-tune and all. I don't think he even need SoShy (good luck to her getting an album out!) Nelly should have been the only feature, because her verse was hot. Although her shit was a little too layered and just coasted on with no real punch. "Morning after dark" gets a big thumbs up and a sling onto the iPod from me. It really is hot. As a Timbo fan it's good to know he still has it. Though I can't wait to see them inlay credits and see who else produced this shit, because I know Timbo had his ass some help.

Then you have "Rumours", which I don't think should have had Keri Hilson on it at all, but rather The Forehead (aka Rihanna). She instantly came to mind as soon as Keri opened her mouth. She just has that voice that would've suited this type of song better. And with Jay-Z being on it as well: it could have been another Roc affair. I don't think much of "Rumours", but it features Jay-Z. So because of that, the song will get more air time than it would if it hadn't. Because Keri don't do much for the song alone. Come to think of it... The Forehead would've sounded hot on "Morning after dark" too! She has the midas touch on her European releases, so she probably would've helped the song sail into the number 1 spot in the UK.


  1. Keri's part was actually a demo for Beyonce.

  2. Both of the songs are hot, no doubt, but what worries me is that, sonically, they're the exact same thing we were hearing in 2006. Not that he can't stick to his signature sound, but there's no growth, exploration, or anything different about either song.

    But again, still hot!

  3. I think that demo for Beyonce stuff is nonsense... just like how "Morning After Dark" is too intricate to have been Tim alone... shoot, anyone would be compelled to say the same thing about "Return the Favor" if it had a faster BPM. The song's instrumental is just too convoluted, synth wise, which is not Tim's forte. The percussion, however, screams Tim.

    It's sad to say that Tim's come to a crossroads in his career where people familiar with his work have to doubt him, if only because he has co-producers... if he knew, he'd know that he has a lot to prove come November.


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