New music: Usher - More, Blockin' & Daddy's home

New music: Usher - More, Blockin' & Daddy's home
Damn. We've pretty much got an Usher album worth of material already! Whilst not every single one of these leaks are of that 'Usher fire' that fans have hoping for. They're certainly than his single "Papers".

Listen: More

Listen: Blockin'

Listen: Daddy's home

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Let's start with the bad. "More" is garbage. RedOne and Usher did the damn thing on "Rockband", but fell off with this. "Blockin'" has a hot beat. But the lyrics are whack. And after one minute of it I was ready to do some blockin' of my own: turn the song off, and send it to the recycle bin.

"Daddy's home" is the best of the bunch. It's not even about Usher on this track, but the beat. I was resisting the urge not to wear patches up in my carpet to this shit the first time I heard it. Usher sounds good, but the lyrics are really shit. We've heard lyrics roll out like this before. He should have hit up The Clutch and gotten them to write him some quirky shit. Because a really cool set of lyrics, as well as some spiffy vocal arrangements could have lifted "Daddy's home" head and shoulders above many of the other club jams dudes is putting out like it.


  1. I believe I've heard "Blockin'" before... I know I have.

    But, since 2008, Usher's leaked like 2 or 3 albums' worth of material. It's crazy. I made an album on my iPod called Here I Stand: The Cuts... then my iPod crashed and I lost the compilation. Mediafire, here I come.

    Anyway, "Daddy's Home" stood out. The other two are alright, even if "More" sounds like a copy of "Rock Band".


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