New music: Usher - Papers

New music: Usher - Papers
After the marriage that we all knew wouldn't last came to an end, Usher has decided to drop a song about it. The funny thing is that, the dude that wrote it (Sean Garrett) wrote it before it was announced that Usher was divorcing. A case of life imitating the art. Just to ease the pain of being let down like I was. I'll be straight with you now. This song ain't as big an bold as you think it's gonna be.

Listen: Papers

Raymond vs. Raymond
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Dry. Dry. Dry. I felt nothing for this song but the desire to turn it off. If you're going to be doing a song about your marriage break up, then make sure the song has some FORCE behind it. You either have your shit so over-produced with strings and piano's and shit that it moves people. Or drop a banger with a beat that knocks so hard that it'll make people move. "Papers" just doesn't go anywhere. No matter how much Usher screams, growls and yells over the beat: the music itself never takes off the ground. And you're just left thinking "Shit. Is this it?" Usher needs to make himself a Twitter account with the quickness and Tweet how this "Papers" shit is just a buzz single, and that the REAL deal will drop soon. He also needs to change the album title back to Monster.


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