New music: Usher - Rockband

New music: Usher - Rockband
The RedOne train is making regular stops, and it went and picked up our n***a Usher. Some hate the fact Usher worked with 'Lady Gaga's producer'. Me? I love it. Why the heck not? RedOne's yet to work with a dude with some hot swagger and vocal talent (Enrique Inglesias does not count). And it makes a change from Bryan Michael-Cox, Jermaine Dupri and Dre & Vidal. Although they'll surely get cuts on his forthcoming album.

I'm such a slow ass sometimes. when I first heard Usher had a song called "Rockband", I immediately thought of the video game. Yeah, I know. I should wear a name badge and catch a seat on the short bus.

Listen: Rockband

Raymond vs. Raymond
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"Rockband" has been catching a fair bit of flack from Usher music lovers and Confessions stans alike. "It's too pop. He's conformed. It sounds like Lady Gaga". I couldn't care less. I think the song is hot. I was playing it on my iPod non-stop on the train yesterday. It's catchy, has a beat on it, and would get people on the floor in a club. I think this would have been a much better single choice than "Papers". Usher dropped "Papers" thinking the drama around the song and his divorce would help fuel it's success. But the song is so crap that it's having the opposite effect, and all the while Chris Brown's single is getting more airplay. "Rockband" is just a straight up club pop record. Drama free. Feel good. Nothing deep or meaningful. With a hot beat that Usher can dance his arse off to in the music video. Sometimes a song like this is what can make a hot lead single. Given the current mainstream music scene eating up songs like this, and RedOne being super popular right now - Usher would be wise to go with this as a single. Double A side that "Papers" shit at the last minute if need be.


  1. RedOne did lace some tracks for Adam Lambert's debut.

    Anyway, the song is hot! I miss Usher dancing his ass off like he used to back in the "U Make Me Wanna" days. If he comes with a video for this, he needs to be dancing like crazy.

  2. Dang, I gotta start following RedOne again. Adam Lambert? Gotta check that out. His work on The Block was SUPERB. I still spin those. And his Kat DeLuna tracks. I didn't like Lady GaGa's "Alejandro", though.

    I like this song. Takes me back, because I hear RedOne's trademark horn sounds in there. But, to me, it doesn't feel like Usher. I must have heard like 90 or 100 Usher songs within the last year and a half, and I couldn't categorize this one with any of them.

  3. This song grew on me. Damn you, RedOne! And Usher!

    And I totally forgot Adam Lambert was that American Idol.

  4. Looking at the track list and producers on his songs, it looks like the RedOne cuts didn't make it on Lambert's CD. Would have been nice to hear what they cooked up, but oh well. Guess they didn't work out.


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