Bonus material: Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga - Video phone (Remix)

Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga - Video phone (Remix)
The much hyped and long awaited "Video phone" remix has touched down. And as many feared: it's not all that good. "Video phone" was a song that didn't get much love from folk anyway. So they'll probably be gagging at how a bad song got mad worse. I also hate when a remix is done and new vocals are badly mixed over the originals. I've posted the original along with my edit: which does away with the horrid trumpets and sections that sound like they were edited specifically for the video.

Listen: Video phone (Remix)

Listen: Video phone (Remix | J's edit)

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Lady Gaga should have passed on this. But who in their right mind would say no to working with Beyoncé!? Lady Gaga's voice sounds better over the Bangladesh produced beat than I thought it would. But the way she hits certain notes and tries to cram one to many lines in too few bars just sounds odd. It contrasts badly with how effortless and smooth Beyoncé flows.

If Beyoncé felt it were absolutely vital that Lady Gaga appear on a song of hers; then it should have either been something new from scratch that the two ladies recorded together, or "Radio". That's the only song on I am...Sasha Fierce that I feel Lady Gaga would flourish on, because it's on a straight synth pop Lady Gaga tip. Shit. She may have sounded better on it than Beyoncé!

I love Beyoncé. And I got love for Lady Gaga. But this shit sucks. To think that two such incredibly talented ladies could not have jumped on something better than this is rather dire. Lady Gaga definitely got the better deal with "Telephone". Hopefully the video will bring the hotness that the remixed song doesn't.


  1. The song is quite terrible. I thought it was just bad when I first heard it a couple days ago, but after hearing it a second time, and after "Telephone", the song is just awful.

    Maybe the video will make it more tolerable.


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