Bonus material: Brandy - Casualties

Brandy - Casualties
When Brandy's shit used to leak, I use to smile and giggle to myself like a silly little bastard, because I knew I'd be in for some hotness that other bitches in the game wished they could bring. But over the past couple of months all the Brandy songs I've been hearing have been whack thanks to Stargate and Ne-Yo clipping my girl's wings. So I now approach Brandy leaks with caution. But today I got a nice surprise. Brandy back on that swag and no Stargate! GIMME mwoooaaarrr!!

Listen: Casualties

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You have no idea how this song took me when I first listened to it. Many of Brandy's recent leaks have been so bog standard, that I was so glad to hear a song of substance that has Brandy sounding like Brandy, and not Ne-Yo over some whack Stargate beat.

This song sounds like it may have been recorded for Brandy's Human album, which is why I classed it as 'unreleased'.

"Casualties" is an absolute winner. I've been playing it non-stop all evening. It would have made a really nice single. It would have cut straight across both urban and pop radio with ease. Well, if Brandy was able to still make a commercial impact and sell more than 18 units of a record. I love the woman, so it does my head in when the hotness she records just floats around and then gets forgotten about. Still... I'm grateful this song managed to leak. Because as a B-Rocka fan, you can never have too much hot Brandy.


  1. I feel like I just ate a bomb ass full course dinner. That's what Brandy does to me. This song is SO awesome! It does sound like something she recorded for Human. It just has that feel to it. Wish she would have put it on there if that's the case.

  2. why don't you compile all the leaks and made it into an album. that would be great!!! just like what u did with janet-miss jackson.

  3. héhéhéhéh... Tell me about it J!!!

    God! I feel u man!! You said EXACTLY what i thought: When I saw "A brand new Brandy's just leaked..."..I was like..mmm..yeahh..some neyo-targate shit (god knows i havent like none of the previous leaks)

    I was SOOOOO surprise!!! :O

    My girl stil has it!!! :-))

    Anyways, tht song is on repeat since then!

    he allready did that(for brandy), lol just be patient, maybe he'll do it again..when he has the time :-))

  4. Hey, I'm surprised you made no mention of the Midi Mafia... oh, well. Song's good, but I was so accustomed to the James Fauntleroy version that I mixed the two together. I've played the remix about 50 times since Tuesday. Let me know if you want to hear it, I'll provide you with a link.

    I could see this song being used in broadcast network TV promos for primetime dramas. Goodness knows this song perfectly covers the pitfalls and travails of love that those shows depict. I'm thinking Journeyman meets Day Break.


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