New music: 2PM - I was crazy about you

2PM - I was crazy about you
JYP sure isn't messin' about with 2PM is he!? Two songs off of the groups' debut album within 2 weeks! Damn.

Unlike "Tired of waiting" which sounded like some something SM entertainment would have given Girls' generation, "I was crazy about you" channels more of the 2PM we got with the likes of "Again and again" and "I hate you".

Listen: I was crazy about you

2PM's debut album
© 2009 JYP entertainment

Now this, I can work with. It sounds like "I hate you", only better. The production is really slick. I love the piano and the military style march that underlies it. I still can't stand how JYP insists 2PM's vocals be auto-tuned though. It's not used as chronically as it was in "Tired of waiting". But it's still unecessary and only serves to make the song aggravate instead of make it better. The whole thing could have done without Taecyeon's rap section and his constant barking during the hook. But overall, I like the song.


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