New music: 2PM - Tired of waiting

New music: 2PM - Tired of waiting
Whether 2PM's new song was good or bad would not matter much, because fans are just glad the group are coming back. And then you have that Jaebeom scandal refuses to quit - and has fans looking into every little thing JYP and the group do, and seeing how it somehow relates to Jay. Hottests are damn crazy.

Listen: Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting (Digital single)
© 2009 JYP entertainment

It sounds like a mix of the Wonder girls' "Nobody" with a little bit of "Tell me" and shit loads of synths chucked in. I LOVE the verses, but hate the chorus with a passion. It sounds too messy and over synthed. The chorus is a real deal breaker for me. I can't enjoy how great the beat on the verses is because I know the chorus is going to roll through it like a freight train and f**k it up.

I see Korea STILL be jockin' auto tune in a fashion I didn't know was possible. I don't mind it if it makes for a hot song. But the auto tune does nothing for "Tired of waiting". I would have much preferred to have heard the 2PM guys vocals un auto-tuned. All the auto-tune does is just strip away the individuality of the members' voices and take away from the feel that the song should have had. Taecyeon is the one who stands out on this song most because: he's rapping, he's not auto tuned, and he doesn't have those horridly song ruining synths drowning his vocals out.

I'm pissed. Because underneath the auto tune and that horrid chorus lies a damn good song that could have been the one 2PM I really, really like.


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