New music: Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart

Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart
"Doesn't mean anything" was nice and all. But ain't no skirting around the fact that it sounded like "No one". And not in that good explosive way like how Beyoncé's "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" sounded like "Get me bodied". Alicia and her n***a Clive Davis knew they had act right and drop a next single with the quickness. And the second single is most certainly better than the first. At least I think it is. I f**king love it!

Listen: Try sleeping with a broken heart (Radio edit)

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Forget "Doesn't mean anything". This is THE single right here. The chorus is killing me! And Alicia's vocals are on-point. Absolute crack!! I would have loved to have heard a rap on this though. Kanye came to mind. Because the beat has that simplicity, hotness and grit to it that I think he'd approve of and rather like. It sounds like a song from the 80's that I've heard before, but for the life of me I cannot remember which song...

Mashonda needn't try sleeping in Alicia's bed to see how it feels to sleep with a broken heart; given Alicia already done slept up in hers with her husband.


  1. I freakin love this song. It has been getting major plays on my ipod.

  2. This shit is amazing! *lol* I don't think I've ever been hot on an Alicia Keys single like this before. The chorus is just 'Wow!'


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